Following these tips can make your child's party the best possible
  • This is live theater created for your child. You can help make the most of this by keeping distractions to a minimum. Music, TV, and background conversation should take place in another room.

  • Choose a place in your home that has few distractions. Inside is always a little better than outside, which tends to compete with birds, planes, and barking dogs. It is generally best not to have the magician with his/her back against the front door, as latecomers can take away from the performance. If you think that your adult guests will not watch the show, it is usually best to have the show in a different location from the talking adults.

  • It is usually best to keep the kids in a separate room while the magician sets up. Magic is a secret and allowing the kids to view the set-up will only take away from the fun. Keep the show a mystery until the magician is ready to begin.

  • Please don't give the kids food or drink during the show. Their enthusiasm and your carpet will suffer! After the show is usually the best time to serve cake, food, etc.

  • Since kids will be kids, try to hold off giving out noisemakers (horns, blow-outs, etc.) until after the show.

  • The kids are encouraged to make noise, stand up, wave their arms and come up to be volunteers. It's a good idea to put the glass centerpiece in a safe place.

  • Tie a bouquet of balloons on your mailbox, front porch, or apartment door so it's easy for your guests (not to mention the magician!) to find the party.

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