Activities and Games

Having some activities or games planned will keep the children focused on having fun. Start with something light, as the kids get to know each other and become more comfortable with their new surroundings. Remember, not all of the kids may know each other and doing something interesting but light will break the ice. Ralph can help keep the kids busy after he gets the show set up. After cake and presents one or two games from this list will keep the kids busy until they are picked up.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Balloon Relay Race! - Blow up three balloons per child. Divide the kids into two teams. Put a chair or just a board at one end of the room or yard. Each child will run to that spot, sit on a balloon till it pops, and runs back to tag the next child. The first team to pop one balloon per child wins the race! Hand out prizes to the winners. If they like the game then have them play it again with the extra balloons.

  • Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur! - And you thought only donkeys could have tails. Use tape - you don't want pinholes in your wall!

  • The Treasure Hunt! - Just like an Easter egg hunt. Hide things from a dollar store or a party store. If you have a mix of older and younger kids, have two hunts, one easier that the other. Both hunts can be at the same time in different parts of the yard or in different rooms.

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