For most children, pizza or hot dogs are best. They are easy for you too. Don't worry about which toppings to get on your pizza, just get cheese pizzas. Most kids will try to pull the toppings off anyway. Orange cola or even Kool-Aid would be good for the drinks. Kids like simple.

To make your party food even more fun, here are a few suggestions:

  • Pizza - Cut it into small pieces. The smaller children will make less of a mess and the older kids can brag about how many pieces they ate.
  • Hot Dog People - Shape the hot dog like a person by cutting the wiener along each side to form arms, and up from the bottom to form legs. When they are cooked, the dogs will grow arms and legs. Draw eyes and a mouth with ketchup and/or mustard.
  • Octopus Sea Food Luncheon - Cut a hot dog like you did above for the legs of the hot dog people except this time, do not stop half way, leave only an inch at the top. Carefully make three more cuts, the same as the first, each time making the legs narrower. You should now have 8 legs attached to a one inch head. Poke two eyes into the head with a toothpick. Place the cut wieners into boiling water. The eyes will pop out and the legs will curl up creating a hot dog octopus. Let the kids watch this food magic happen. Make sure they are well supervised around the stove.
  • Cupcake Birthday - One of the best kept party secrets is replacing the birthday cake with cup cakes. The children will not have to wait for someone to cut them a piece off the cake and pass it down to them. We all know how patient kids can be at a party. You can still sing happy birthday and blow out the candles.

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